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.: 11. The Blue Beedroom and Other Stories, Rosamunde Pilcher :.

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The big bedroom was lovely: all pale blue and white, satin and muslin, cool and airy, the windows looking out over the garden to the creek.

But to fourteen-year-old Emily, beautiful though it was, it was all wrong. Her stepmother's bedroom now: everything changed since her own mother had died.

And stretched out on the bed: Stephanie, very white and pained. The new baby on its way, a month early. All of a sudden, with her father away on business, Emily had to take charge, keep calm, ring for a doctor and the ambulance. The time for looking back had gone.

The Blue Bedroom is just one of Rosamunde Pilcher's magical collection of stories. Stories that will enchant everyone who has read and loved The Shell Seekers.


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De lftt a 5 de Fevereiro de 2007 às 23:44
Estou ansiosa por ler ;) Gosto muito de livros de contos!

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